The Weeping War

711 DR – 714 DR
The Army of Darkness, as the force that destroyed Myth Drannor was called, was led by 3 powerful nycoloths, servants (as it was later discovered) of the fallen solar Malkizid. The names of the 3 nycoloths and the forces that they commanded are as follows.

Aulmipter Commander of the 2nd legion (6 battalions) and indirectly the entire Army of Darkness.
Malimshaer Commander of the 3rd legion (5 battalions).
Gaulguth Commander of the 1st legion (5 battalions).

The Army of Darkness was composed of the following.
Army of Darkness » 16 battalions » 5 regiments » 5 marches » 5 squadrons » 5 parties » 5 bands » 4 soldiers + Sgt.

Battalion lead by general
Regiment lead by colonel
March lead by major
Squadron lead by captian
Party lead by commander
Band lead by sergeant

These are the ranks of officers among the two militaries of Cormanthyr, compared and ranked in comparison with one another since the Akh’Faer’s titles differ from the Akh’Velahr. Also on the table are the groups under the command of noted ranks and their minimum troop sizes per group. Bear in mind that each higher group contains the full groups noted beneath them (troops + lesser officer).

  • Akh’Faer – Army of Art; magical military of Cormanthyr (collective term)
  • Akh’Faern – One soldier of the Army of Art
  • Akh’Velahr – Army of Arms; standard military of Cormanthyr (collective term)
  • Akh’Velahrn – One soldier
  • N’Vaelahr – “Shadow Soldiers”, covert operations (collective term)
  • N’Vaelahrn – One member of the Shadow Soldiers


Rank Group # Troops (w/o officer)
Nilaa Detachment Three troops
Iolaa Section Two detachments
Nikym Platoon Three sections
Shaalth Unit Two platoons
Nikerym Company Three units
Kerym Battalion Two companies
Penaal Brigade Three battalions
Arykerym Regiment Two brigades
Arkerym Legion Three regiments
Arms-Captain All troops (2) Four legions
Arms-Major All armies All armies


Faerniir Ring Four troops
Faernil   Two rings
Faernaa Circle Four rings
Faernos   Two circles
Faerne Sphere Four circles
Faernae   Two spheres
Arfaern Wing Four spheres
Spell-Captain Flight Two wings
Spell-Major Akh’Faer Four flights

Equivalent Ranks (Low to High)

Akh’Velahr Akh’Faer
Nikym Faerniir
Shaalth Faernil
Nikerym Faernaa
Arshaalth Faernos
Penaal Faerne
Arykerym Faernae
Arkerym Arfaern
Arms-Captain Spell-Captain
Arms-Major Spell-Major

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